Ideas for marking off spaces

How to divide a space without using walls Contemporary homes tend to offer large, bright, open spaces designed to be enjoyed to the full. Nevertheless, it may be necessary to divide and define the spaces of a large room according to their function. Building walls is the most traditional and ultimate solution for dividing spaces but there are also other … Read More

Sustainable Materials

The three R principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle People talk, argue and write about it. Sustainability is such a popular topic that it is almost inevitable to come across it several times a day, even in the most diverse contexts. The fact that people are becoming more aware of environmental issues and of sustainable materials is good news: this awareness is … Read More

How to use false ceilings to define spaces

A functional furnishing element you may never have considered before Have you ever considered using a false ceiling to better highlight your spaces? Read this article to find out how this can be done! What’s the purpose of a false ceiling? False ceilings can meet aesthetic or practical requirements, for instance they can conceal systems or uneven ceilings, or make … Read More

Furnishing with green

A furnishing style that helps you reconnect with nature. Why furnish with green Freshness, vitality and wellbeing. These are the positive sensations that green brings with it. When we furnish a room we don’t just choose furniture and accessories: our goal is to create a space that reflects our personality and makes us feel good. When we talk about furnishing … Read More

How to furnish a bedroom

Ronda Design’s stylish ideas and tips Choosing how to furnish the bedroom is a very important task. This room is, in fact, a special place: the ultimate in terms of intimacy, a space where people feel free to really be themselves. No filters, no faking. In your bedroom, your personality must find the space to unrestrainedly express itself, no matter … Read More

Convertible furniture is the latest furnishing trend

Versatile furniture for quick changes and customisations: this is the future of our homes The space organisation of our homes has radically changed over time to the extent that versatility and adaptability have become the corner stones of contemporary and future furniture trends. Since it can be modified at any time, convertible furniture is increasingly more appreciated and requested. In … Read More

Interior design trends for 2023

Softness and getting back to nature: the latest forms in modern design Our first home was – and still is! – Nature. It’s true to say that we’ve always known that, but recently we have been giving it some serious consideration. The reason is clear. Climate change is already affecting the lives of huge numbers of people and now, more … Read More

Furnishing your kitchen has never been this light!

Discover a brand new type of lightness Once upon a time there was the kitchen. Just close your eyes to bring back memories of your grandma’s kitchen: a magical place with an unmistakable scent to it where treasures were hidden behind every cabinet door. And maybe even some sweets. Since then, kitchen furnishing styles have profoundly changed. More and more … Read More

The most beautiful rechargeable lamps

Light has a timeless appeal because it instantly creates the right mood in any room. That’s why particular attention must be paid to lighting when preparing an interior decoration project. In fact, details are important – even fundamental – in interior design!Light adds character to a room, bringing out and making the most of its strengths. This article focuses on … Read More

Store furnishings – How to make the most of the space in your store

Anyone responsible for fitting out a store knows only too well that store spaces have special displaying needs. Shop windows and display areas inside the shop must be frequently refreshed and this must be done in the quickest and simplest way possible. That’s why magnetic furnishings are particularly suitable to fit out stores and shop windows: their main strengths are … Read More