The most beautiful rechargeable lamps

Light has a timeless appeal because it instantly creates the right mood in any room. That’s why particular attention must be paid to lighting when preparing an interior decoration project. In fact, details are important – even fundamental – in interior design!Light adds character to a room, bringing out and making the most of its strengths. This article focuses on … Read More

Store furnishings – How to make the most of the space in your store

Anyone responsible for fitting out a store knows only too well that store spaces have special displaying needs. Shop windows and display areas inside the shop must be frequently refreshed and this must be done in the quickest and simplest way possible. That’s why magnetic furnishings are particularly suitable to fit out stores and shop windows: their main strengths are … Read More

Salone del Mobile and the novelties presented by Ronda Design

After three long years, the Salone del Mobile furniture show made its long-awaited comeback at last! We at Ronda Design presented lots of novelties and, above all, exchanged ideas, talked and shared our opinions on the new finishes and the new products.  Ronda Design’s new finishes We have added some new metallic finishes: two shades of green and three umber … Read More

Sustainable furniture? Wait no more!

Hints and ideas for environmentally-friendly furniture Our planet is sending us unmistakable alarm signals. We are hearing more and more talk about climate change and emergencies connected to pollution created by man. In this context, we are all called to do our bit to reduce our negative impact on the Earth. Making sure nature is in a better condition when … Read More

The home office of your dreams

Home Office - Ufficio a Casa - foto1

Furnishing hints to create the perfect office in your home! We all know that the last two years have brought great changes to everyone’s life. We are talking about transformations that have gone as far as influencing our daily habits and routines, including the way we work. We have all ended up spending more time at home, rediscovering how pivotal … Read More

Bedroom lamps

lampade per camera da letto - foto4

There’s nothing better than getting home at the end of a long, hard day and being free to relax and unwind in your bedroom. Whether you read a book, watch an episode of your favourite TV programme or simply enjoy some peace and quiet, the important thing is that all your worries stay outside your bedroom door. Your bedroom is … Read More

How to furnish a hall

come arredare un ingresso - foto1

Ready, set, go: let’s start furnishing! But where do we start? From the hall, obviously. It’s the first impression that counts. This doesn’t only apply to people, but to homes too. As soon as we open the door to a home and take our first steps inside, we get quite a good idea of the atmosphere and the feel of … Read More