Would it be a living without chairs and table?

Ronda Design is most known for Magnetika, the unique and exclusive furniture system characterized by magnetic shelves, elements and accessories.But how many of you already know our tables and chairs proposals? Ronda Design during last years has also developed many other collections to complete the design of living room with a contemporary, original and elegant taste featured by the use … Read More

After the last 'Salone', before the next one…

Halfway between a Salone del Mobile and the other, we decided to give new finishes to the collections you discovered during the fair … new metals, new designs, same Ronda Design’s style. Are you looking forward to discover more about them? If you want to receive an exclusive preview of the first pics, please reply to this email. In the … Read More

Magnetika: how to easily transform the kitchen

As you already know, Magnetika is a collection that allows you to change furniture quickly and easily. Have you ever thought that one of the rooms that most need this versatility is the kitchen? New tools, new habits, new friends to invite! Yes, because kitchen is now part of the living and its design is as important as its functionality. … Read More

Our next steps…

Hello everybody! whenever one of our designers knocks on the door of my office, it means that our ideas laboratory is working to create something new, a new product, a new finishing, a new proposal that will join the Ronda Design collections. Let’s share the oncoming news. Most of them concern some brand new finishes: once ready, you’ll receive the … Read More

A (magnetic) inauguration!

Some time ago we flew to Cagliari to attend the grand opening of the new Porcelanosa showroom, a large Spanish company that mainly deals with ceramic tiles. The inauguration of a showroom is a very important event (we know something!): it gives you the opportunity to see firsthand the brand creations and projects as well as to interact with all … Read More

Libera: the "magic" library you can create and recompose

Among the products that catalyzed the attention of visitors to our stand at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, surely Libera stands out, the innovative bookcase that rewrites the rules of magnetism. If you already know Ronda Design, you will surely know our Magnetika system: the metal wall solution with magnetic elements that can be continuously personalized by physically moving … Read More

Only for (design) Sommeliers

Wine-Bar accessorio

“Wine prepares hearts and makes them ready for passion,” Ovidio said. Regardless of their content, bottles of wine or liqueur – especially if they are precious – have a unique charm and evocative power. It’s really a shame to hide them in a cellar, perhaps for space reasons. This consideration, coupled with our passion for design (and for good wine), … Read More

[ABSOLUTE PREVIEW] The new Ronda Design Showroom

It was a hassle… but it was worth it! Our company showroom was updated with the products we presented at the Salone del Mobile. In particular, we have installed the new Magnetika collections – Libera, Jazz and Caddy – and we have enriched our living room product range with tables and chairs characterized by a unique design and an innovative … Read More

Back in action!

After the Salone del Mobile we’ve been almost as busy as during the Salone itself! If you visited us in Milan, you have already seen the breaking news we displayed in our booth; but if you had no time to come, I’ve prepared a short video with some highlights from our stand. In particular, in the video below I explain … Read More