Ronda Design is a laboratory of design and product development with a mission: to make interiors more and more interesting, functional and livable, beginning with the home. It challenges conventional thinking in terms of shapes, materials, patterns and colors by playing with its own elements and creating technologically innovative, aesthetically unique and functional products to meet all kinds of requirements: beyond expectations, beyond contemporary experience and beyond all furnishing standards.

Ronda Design was established in 2009 as the design laboratory of Ronda Group, and under the leadership of Mrs Marida Ronda and her family, it soon found its own independence, becoming a well-known brand in the field of avant-garde furnishing. The company works in collaboration with important designers, giving space also to a carefully selected group of emerging designers, and produces pieces of furnishing using unconventional materials and finishings.


Ronda Design was born as a spin-off from Ronda spa, undisputed leader in the production of stainless steel components for bar counters, commercial and private kitchens.

Its experience in manufacturing stainless steel and other metal components, applied to the home furnishing sector, has made Ronda Design a unique player in its field. Thanks to this specific competence as well as its reputation as a trusted partner, Ronda Design has also become official supplier to well-known international furnishing brands.

Over time the Company has added new materials alongside stainless steel, with the aim of creating a comprehensive offer to furnish the house in an elegant but unconventional way.



Ronda Design created a new way of decorating that uses magnetic technology, a fascinating mystery that occurs in nature, which is imperceptible to the eye and secretly hidden in the intrinsic properties of matter.

Ronda Design magnetic furnishing is a system with multiple applications that you can customize with complete freedom; it consists of a metal panel on which you can place shelves that attach themselves thanks solely to magnetic force.

Maximum compositional freedom, quick setup and unlimited customization possibilities make the magnetic furnishing an especially good match for commercial decoration as well. Restaurants, cafes, hotels, retailers, beauty centers can all benefit from an ever renovating product dsplay.