Furnishing with green

A furnishing style that helps you reconnect with nature.

Why furnish with green

Freshness, vitality and wellbeing.
These are the positive sensations that green brings with it. When we furnish a room we don’t just choose furniture and accessories: our goal is to create a space that reflects our personality and makes us feel good.
When we talk about furnishing with green, we mean both the colour and the plants. Both are being used extensively in recent years because “green” furniture is an increasingly more popular trend. The colour and the plants are highlighted as focal points of the interior decor, generating surprising results.
This article shows us how to furnish with green to improve the environment in just a few, simple steps.

Reconnect with nature

Our wish to bring all things green into our homes comes from a growing need to reconnect with nature. Plants brings two main positive effects with them:

  • they add a touch of aesthetic freshness;
  • they improve the quality of the air, adjusting humidity and reducing stress.

Don‘t worry if you don’t have a green thumb: just choose plants that adapt easily to the environment they live in such as ferns, succulent plants or low-maintenance house plants.

Create green areas with flowers in your home

Create some green areas where you arrange plants and flowers. To make the most of their natural beauty, choose the accessories you put them in with care.

Glance and Wink are Ronda Design’s collections of metal planters.Light and elegant, they are designed to fit easily into any room in the home either by themselves or in arrangements, enhancing the natural beauty of flowers and plants.

The Glance collection comprises circular planters in painted metal dedicated to indoors while the Wink collection focuses on square planters or models with one rounded side.They boast linear and refined lines.
Both of the collections can be chosen in the floor-level version standing on concealed wheels or in the version raised on a squared metal framework.

Furnish your walls with green

With the addition of magnetic accessories from the Magnetika system that can be easily moved around at will, our Caddy panels can be used to add small splashes of green. You can effortlessly create really unique and cosy rooms like this.
In the kitchen, for example, magnetic metal containers are just perfect to accommodate small pots or aromatic herbs.

Use shades of green for your interior decor

One of the latest furnishing trends features the introduction of green shades. This colour is really appreciated because of its relaxing qualities.
Embracing this new trend, the latest Ronda Design collection introduces new shades of green such as Pistachio and Sage. Used carefully, they help to create very special atmospheres in Caddy arrangements or on occasional furniture.

Would you appreciate further ideas and tips on how to furnish with green?
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