Sustainable furniture? Wait no more!

Hints and ideas for environmentally-friendly furniture Our planet is sending us unmistakable alarm signals. We are hearing more and more talk about climate change and emergencies connected to pollution created by man. In this context, we are all called to do our bit to reduce our negative impact on the Earth. Making sure nature is in a better condition when … Read More

The home office of your dreams

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Furnishing hints to create the perfect office in your home! We all know that the last two years have brought great changes to everyone’s life. We are talking about transformations that have gone as far as influencing our daily habits and routines, including the way we work. We have all ended up spending more time at home, rediscovering how pivotal … Read More

Bedroom lamps

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There’s nothing better than getting home at the end of a long, hard day and being free to relax and unwind in your bedroom. Whether you read a book, watch an episode of your favourite TV programme or simply enjoy some peace and quiet, the important thing is that all your worries stay outside your bedroom door. Your bedroom is … Read More

How to furnish a hall

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Ready, set, go: let’s start furnishing! But where do we start? From the hall, obviously. It’s the first impression that counts. This doesn’t only apply to people, but to homes too. As soon as we open the door to a home and take our first steps inside, we get quite a good idea of the atmosphere and the feel of … Read More

How to furnish the kitchen

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It is the beating heart of the home. It is the room where you laugh, eat, chat, swap secrets. It is the place the welcomes you in the morning, when you’re still bleary-eyed and in need of a strong coffee to wake up. It is where we have lunch and dinner, alone, with friends or our loved-one. In short, it … Read More

Ideas for furnishing your TV wall

Help: ideas needed! How can I furnish my TV wall? Furnishing your living area is always a delicate, yet essential, process. It is a very important room, which in fact affects the vibe of the entire house. The TV wall takes centre stage: this is why it must be furnished lovingly, according to your personal style and preferences. If you … Read More

Acoustic panels: a world to be discovered

Usually the first question that comes to mind when we decide to buy sound-absorbing panels is: “How many acoustic panels do I need to improve the acoustics of my environment?” The question is legitimate, but the answer is far from simple! In fact, there are specialized professionals who can propose the best acoustic solution for a specific environment after having … Read More

Decorate your bathroom with Magnetika

The bathroom is, as well as the kitchen, one of the most used domestic spaces. What makes it extremely interesting compared to the other rooms is its aesthetic and functional evolution. Styles and trends change rapidly and involve both surfaces and everything related to sanitary ware, taps and accessories. The new Ronda Design collection of bathroom accessories ‘Materika Bain’ match … Read More