Ideas for marking off spaces

How to divide a space without using walls

Contemporary homes tend to offer large, bright, open spaces designed to be enjoyed to the full.
Nevertheless, it may be necessary to divide and define the spaces of a large room according to their function.
Building walls is the most traditional and ultimate solution for dividing spaces but there are also other ways to distinguish and separate the areas of a room in a visually lighter way.

Ronda’s space separating ideas

Here are some modern design solutions for marking off spaces.

Using a false ceiling to mark off spaces

Our metal Lookup false ceiling can be used to add character to a specific area by lowering the ceiling to divide the kitchen area from the dining or living room space, for instance.

Vertical partitions

We at Ronda Design have developed some stylish solutions to separate spaces using vertical partitions. These include the Levia Divider and the eye-catching Levia Air bookcase. The latter is a ceiling-hung bookcase in painted metal with minimalist traits.
Ceiling-hung bookcases have been made over by modern design trends and are now a very popular piece of furniture that can also be used to divide spaces.

Using magnetic panels to mark off spaces

Our Caddy magnetic system has evolved to include our new Caddy Stand App panels which can serve as elegant and innovative partitions that can – for instance – be an ideal way of dividing the bed area from the walk-in wardrobe. These panels can be used to organise any space where the need to mark off specific functions is felt – to separate the dining area from the living room space in a reception room, for instance – while preserving all the advantages made available by the Magnetika system.

Alternative ways of marking off spaces

Here are some more subtle ideas that don’t require you to change the furniture in your room.

Creating an optical separation using colours

The potential offered by colour is exploited increasingly more often when planning and furnishing contemporary homes. One very popular trend is to abandon the traditional physical barriers that used to separate the various living spaces and replace them with different colour palettes for the walls. Choosing to paint two different areas inside the home with distinct colours is both smart and convenient because it lets you customise the way a space is distributed as you prefer, turning colour into the absolute protagonist of your surroundings. This approach can be applied to various situations, for instance to divide the entrance hall from the living room, the kitchen from the dining area, the studio from the bedroom, etc.

Marking off spaces using plants

An original way to separate two spaces without using traditional walls is to use tall, voluminous plants instead. As well as marking off the two areas, this idea brightens up any space while adding a natural touch to your surroundings. You can either opt for live plants or for their artificial counterparts, expanding your choice even further.

Our elegant indoor Wink planter in metal and our set of circular Glance planters serve the triple purpose of holding pots of plants, furnishing the room and marking off spaces.

If you like this idea, remember that it’s become very popular: using plants as accessories is a trendy choice!

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