Ceiling-hung bookcases: how modern design has reinvented the bookcase

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Bookcases do not need any presentations because their innate charm is already renowned. Booklovers know only too well that when they walk past a bookcase – even a small one – their eyes are fatally attracted to the paper and ink and they have no chance of resisting the temptation of turning their head!
Ceiling-hung bookcases are the perfect way to make the most of every space in the home: thanks to its innovative nature, a ceiling-hung bookcase is not subject to strict planning rules, making it possible to experiment and try out bold, unprecedented solutions.

Modern ceiling-hung bookcases

New build and modern homes are often planned with relatively small rooms. Although every home should have a bookcase it’s a well-known fact that they may have some negative sides to them if the room isn’t very big: in the first place, they may take space away from other furniture that you objectively can’t do without. On top of this, traditional bookcases can give the whole room a “heavy” appearance.

Bookcases have changed a lot over time though. Nowadays, a bookcase isn’t just a piece of furniture to put books, souvenirs and other decorative objects on. Modern design has made over and reinvented the bookcase, turning it into a real contemporary work of art. Nowadays, a bookcase can be regarded as a collectable piece of furniture capable of enhancing a room by giving it unique, distinguishing features.

There really are a multitude of models that vary depending on the position of their shelves, their angle and their specific lines.

For instance, a ceiling-hung bookcase definitely brings a wave of novelty and surprise with it: it’s an unexpected piece of furniture that catches you unawares in a positive way. The innovative aspect of this modern furnishing idea is that it divides spaces starting from the ceiling instead of from the floor. Modern, ceiling-hung bookcases therefore:

  • Satisfy space dividing requirements
  • Do it in a different, unusual way that gives your home a unique personality

The fact that a ceiling-hung bookcase does not stand on the floor lends an unusual feel to the room while transmitting a sense of visual lightness. There really is a great assortment of ceiling-hung bookcases to choose from on the market and which, in particular, can be customised to suit your specific tastes and requirements. Styles and shapes can be combined in different ways – with a variety of structures and materials – to adapt to any type of home.

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An example? The very beautiful Levia Air ceiling-hung bookcase distinguished by slim, square-section rods and metal shelves. This is a very lightweight bookcase that defines spaces while remaining permeable to sight and to light. Levia Air, born from the expert, modern eye of Gino Carollo, is a ceiling-hung bookcase in painted metal with minimalist traits. Although its design is lightweight, it is paired with a strong core. The geometric play of heights and inserts reveals an exclusive design with a surprising aesthetic.

The bookcase is available in numerous finishes so that Levia Air can perfectly adapt to any type of interior decor: in traditional settings its clean-cut lines are a welcome change while in more contemporary contexts they blend harmoniously with the whole.

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