Sustainable Materials

The three R principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

People talk, argue and write about it.
Sustainability is such a popular topic that it is almost inevitable to come across it several times a day, even in the most diverse contexts.
The fact that people are becoming more aware of environmental issues and of sustainable materials is good news: this awareness is the first step to making concrete, measurable changes at a global level.

Sustainability in everyday life

When talking about sustainability, it’s important to understand that the concept doesn’t just refer to the industrial sector; it also concerns our everyday life.
And what could be more connected to our daily life that the home we live in?
This approach to sustainability has led contemporary designers to create furniture inspired by nature itself, creating unique pieces. But that’s not all: we embrace the inspiration that comes from nature to reconnect with our most authentic essence. Green furnishings are not merely an aesthetic choice; they are designed to achieve a greater feeling of wellbeing.

Sustainable furnishings

It is possible to furnish in a sustainable way, but first of all it’s important to give a serious reply to an apparently very simple question: what does sustainability mean?
Without becoming overly scientific, we can define a sustainable action as one that can be potentially repeated an endless number of times.

The current condition of our resources brings us to realise that – although recycling is still crucial – it is no longer enough. Eco-friendly experts have chosen to use materials that can be repeatedly exploited and reused with the goal of avoiding waste production. On top of this, it’s important to remember the importance of completely biodegradable materials.

Ronda Design’s sustainable philosophy

Ronda has always applied the 3R principle since the company first started drawing up its projects:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

The perfect synthesis of this principle can be found in the patented Magnetika system: a new, clever and versatile way to furnish spaces. The concept of sustainability is at the very root of the Magnetika principle because this innovative system of metal and magnetic parts can be continuously moved around to achieve totally customised solutions that meet the needs of the moment.

Sustainable materials

One of Ronda Design’s goals is also to use more sustainable materials which is why selecting suppliers who share this philosophy is so important.
That’s why we have introduced new fabrics made from recycled materials:

  • The Greenergy fabric is produced from recycled PET.
  • The Dancing Queen fabric is made from fabric scraps: as well as making it ecological, this feature gives the various fabric finishes an unmistakably unique look.
  • Tecnofil fabric: the material used to upholster our Paddle sound-absorbent panels is fabric made entirely from recycled PET obtained through a thermo bonding process that uses neither resins nor glues.

For as much as concerns the powder-coating or our metal elements:

  • The metal surface is covered with a particularly thick and even layer of particles using the electrostatic attraction process.
  • 94% of the powder that doesn’t adhere to the metal surface is salvaged and reused in the next coating session.
  • Powder coating is non-toxic and solvent free.

A concrete path

The watchword has to be practicability. It’s not hard to bring to mind dozens of examples of ads that use the word sustainability off the point: sadly, it is clear that their goal is just to increase sales and profits.
On the contrary, we believe that the journey towards more environmentally-friendly production is a long one full of ongoing research. There is no definitive destination because new solutions are always around the corner. Beyond the production process, sustainability also involves developing daily company management strategies that focus on some often overlooked aspects such as: packing systems, waste reduction and disposal, digitalisation.

Are you interested in the topic of using sustainable materials in the furniture industry?
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