The importance of acoustic well-being

What  do we mean by acoustic well-being

Acoustic well-being has been an increasingly discussed topic over the past few years. Fundamentally important for public spaces (restaurants, meeting rooms, schools), it awakens an ever-growing interest in private homes as well.

In fact, a noisy environment can cause stress, sleep disturbances, and concentration disorders, with a negative impact on life quality. A good environmental acoustics is therefore now a necessary requirement in projects of several levels of complexity.

The problem that we want to solve with acoustic panels is the reverberation of the noises generated inside the environment. This should not be mistaken with the needs of acoustic insulation with respect to adjacent rooms or from the outside.

In particular, the most important parameters to consider are the acoustic absorption coefficient Alpha (from a minimum of 0 to a maximum of 1) and the necessary sound-absorbing surface area relative to the dimensions and conformation of the environment.

Acoustic solutions

Ronda Design is committed in developing products that meet the needs of acoustic well-being. This journey has led to the development of two different solutions, both suitable for our magnetic walls. Thus Paddle and the Caddy Shut App modules are born, combining elegant design with high-level acoustic performance.

Paddle is a magnetic accessory applicable on every part of the wall. This acoustic panel is made of materials that effectively absorb sound waves, helping to create a comfortable environment. Thanks to the different shapes and colours available, it adapts perfectly to any type of space, whether it is an office, a conference room, a restaurant, or a private home. The removable cover fabric makes maintenance very easy.

Shut App, on the other hand, is a micro-perforated metal panel that integrates into the Caddy wall compositions. Like all Caddy panels, it allows you to apply magnetic accessories to its surface.

Both solutions have a very high absorption coefficient (Alpha = 0.98) on speaking frequencies (from 70 Hz to 350 Hz) and an excellent performance even on higher frequencies, which are particularly disturbing to the human ear. As a result to their versatility and high performance, they represent a smart investment to improve acoustic well-being and create more pleasant and functional environments.

Paddle and Shut App use a very high-quality sound-absorbing material, the 4 cm thick “Tecnofil”. This material that serves as a padding is made entirely from recycled PET, obtained through a thermos-coalescence process that does not require the use of resins or adhesives, so it is completely recyclable.

Once the quality of the product is clear, the question remains as to what surface area is necessary to achieve the desired effect depending on the project. In order not to leave anything to chance, Ronda Design has decided to offer its customers a complete consulting service to identify the most suitable solution, using the collaboration of an acoustic specialist. In residential projects, the company is able to provide an estimate of the necessary panel surface area based on a floor plan and some photos of the environment.

If you have any curiosity about this topic, write us, we look forward to sharing the latest news with you!