Decorating with light

The decorative and functional lighting according to Ronda Design

In every project, there is a fundamental component, whose role is decisive for the final result: lighting. However, the design of light is not always given the right importance and attention. Whether decorative, functional, or both, lighting is essential to giving a space character. In addition to the essential function of bringing light, making every activity possible within a room, lighting goes much further. It is about the possibility of decorating with light, emphasizing space, and expressing through it the personality of a place. Materials, colors, and intensity must be in harmony with the style of the location, for a coherent and above all welcoming result.

The lighting project

Ideally, the lighting project should go hand in hand with the design of the rest of the furniture. Aesthetics and functionality do not exclude each other, on the contrary: when they are in harmony, they can create a well-defined style and emphasize the space, while at the same time ensuring the correct visual comfort. Consistently with the brand’s DNA, Ronda Design offers a wide selection of proposals for lighting a space that all have in common the metallic soul.

Lighting a space with Ronda Design

The Ronda Design lamps are created with the aim of combining the functional aspect with a surprising, contemporary and non-trivial aesthetic.

Functional lighting

Here are some ideas for lighting a space in a functional way, without sacrificing aesthetic pleasure.


Its main feature is a rotating disc to direct the light. It is available both as a Led floor lamp and as a Led suspension lamp. In both cases, the design is refined and essential. The luminous disc emits a warm light from both sides and can be 180┬░rotated, allowing you to create new lighting effects.

Brand Floor

This metal Led floor lamp has three satin acrylic luminous globes, which generate a warm, diffused and abundant light.


The elegant Led rechargeable table lamp has a metal structure and a acrylic luminous globe. Its light is warm and can be modulated to three different intensities, plus a courtesy one.

Decorative lighting

To make a space special, we need to add a light point that, first of all, moves us. Let’s imagine wanting to create a reading corner, to dive into a novel at the end of a long day, feeling really pampered. Here, in this case, light plays a leading role in creating a special and intimate corner. Here are some ideas for creating a unique and elegant atmosphere in our daily life, exploiting light.


Led magnetic wall lamp with a luminous globe applied to an elegant metal base. The base is equipped with magnets, so the lamp can be moved according to your tastes and needs. With adjustable intensity, the panels can also be covered with materials other than metal (such as wood, ceramic, or mirror).


Rechargeable Led table lamp with a thin and elegant metal structure. It recalls the shape of a classic lantern, but reinterpreted in a contemporary key and with the possibility of adjusting the light intensity.

Go Luce

Unique in its kind, this collection of rechargeable Led lamps has the luminous body in a cylindrical metal shape. It can be used with direct or reflected lighting and is available in different versions.

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