Sustainable furniture? Wait no more!

Hints and ideas for environmentally-friendly furniture

Our planet is sending us unmistakable alarm signals. We are hearing more and more talk about climate change and emergencies connected to pollution created by man. In this context, we are all called to do our bit to reduce our negative impact on the Earth. Making sure nature is in a better condition when we leave the planet than when we got here is a duty of us all.
But where can we start?
It’s not always simple and straightforward to identify concrete ways to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. One of the green choices we can make concerns planning and furnishing our home.

Sustainable furniture

Our lives revolve around the home; making an effort to turn it into a more eco-sustainable place is a giant step forward.
In fact, if we want our love for nature to be reflected in our lifestyle and choices, the place we live in is a good idea to start. Is it really possible to tastefully and stylishly furnish your home while really respecting the environment?
For us at Ronda Design the answer is undoubtedly yes!

Sustainable and green furniture is available to all, without having to give up modern design. The solution lies in our innovative Magnetika furnishing systemMagnetika is the name of the modern magnetic furnishing system patented by Ronda Design. It’s a comprehensive system of metal and magnetic elements that can be combined to achieve ever-changing, customisable arrangements.

Why is Magnetika a sustainable furnishing solution?

Here are the five main reasons why Magnetika is a really sustainable furniture system:

  • The configuration of the magnetic panel can be changed at any time. This makes it possible to continuously renew your decor without necessarily having to purchase new pieces of furniture. This principle holds true for every room in the home: for the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, the entrance hall
  • Furniture requirements change over time. The Magnetika system is long-lasting and can adapt to different needs and trends. New accessories can be added to the magnetic panels, or they can be moved to a different room: it is a very versatile furnishing system.
  • At the end of its lifecycle, the metal the Magnetika system is made of can be endlessly recycled. Everything can be reused!
  • Powder-painted metals are much more sustainable than metal finished with liquid paints because 95% of the powder paint can be salvaged and used again in the future. On the other hand, after it has been used, liquid paint must be disposed of.
  • The neodymium magnets used by Ronda Design for Magnetika’s accessories never lose their magnetic power.
    At the end of their lifecycle, the magnets on the accessories can be easily removed and taken back to Ronda Design where we will see to it that they are reused in the best possible way.

A simple, efficient, beautiful and – above all – green furnishing system!

Would you like to receive other innovative ideas on how to make your house unique using green furniture?
Write to us, we will be more than happy to share original tips to help you adopt a more sustainable style of furniture that is respectful of the environment!