Convertible furniture is the latest furnishing trend

Versatile furniture for quick changes and customisations: this is the future of our homes

The space organisation of our homes has radically changed over time to the extent that versatility and adaptability have become the corner stones of contemporary and future furniture trends. Since it can be modified at any time, convertible furniture is increasingly more appreciated and requested.

In fact, both its intended use and its position can be modified. Convertible furniture:

  • can be used for various purposes;
  • can be transformed easily and quickly;
  • lets the user follow the latest trends.

The ongoing evolution of the Magnetika furnishing system

Magnetika is a perfect example of space-saving and convertible furniture.
This patented magnetic system is composed of a metal surface, i.e. wall panelling, and of an extensive variety of shelves and of magnetic accessories. These parts can be quickly and easily mixed and matched over and over again.

Versatility is one of Magnetika’s chief strengths: all the accessories can be easily moved around to different positions. If necessary, even the metal surface can be moved to a different room to continuously create new uses.

Magnetika is suitable for all kinds of uses and locations: from homes to offices and from hotels to restaurants. This line revolutionises the basic idea of furniture: your imagination and your willingness to dare are its only limits!

Convenience and versatility with Dub

A place to sit on, to work on or to store your items in: all this is possible thanks to Dub, the all-in-one solution.
Dub is an occasional table/pouf in painted metal with an integrated cushion and a removable lid that gives access to a practical container.

Also thanks to its two different sizes and the various colours available for its finish, Dub offers many customisation options.
Dub is the right choice to take your first steps in the world of innovative, convertible furniture.

Convertible Furniture

Customising your chill-out area with Halo

If, on the other hand, you want to gift yourself a customisable chill-out corner, check out Halo.
It’s an elegant and really comfortable pouf with a metal base and a padded seat. It can be transformed into an armchair by simply applying a padded backrest or even a metal side table if you wish.

Your chill-out area is now complete: effortless comfort in no time at all.

Convertible Furniture

Mira, the multifunctional set-down surface

There is now a console table that lets you create a small home office, a dressing table or a set-down surface, in the entrance hall for instance: its name is Mira.

The optional mirror transforms Mira into an elegant dressing table. By adding a shelf it becomes a handy desk. Thanks to the swivel drawer you will also have a place in which your items can be stored away tidily.

A top designer idea that is definitely one of our favourite pieces of convertible furniture!

Convertible Furniture


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