Salone del Mobile and the novelties presented by Ronda Design

After three long years, the Salone del Mobile furniture show made its long-awaited comeback at last!

We at Ronda Design presented lots of novelties and, above all, exchanged ideas, talked and shared our opinions on the new finishes and the new products. 

Ronda Design’s new finishes

  • We have added some new metallic finishes: two shades of green and three umber tones that our visitors truly appreciated.
  • We presented two new ceramic finishes: Cipollino and Verde Aver. These finishes are available for the Magnetika Collection panels and for our table tops. 
  • We also added three new fabric lines for our upholstered furniture, taking particular care to choose recycled or recyclable materials.



Ronda Design’s new products

Soft colours and forms, without forgetting Magnetika: these are the main novelties added to the 2022 Collection.

The circle, a shape that was introduced on some products of our preceding catalogue, is even more dominant and relevant in this collection.  

Rounded elements are paired with sharper geometric shapes for a well-balanced and immediately recognisable general effect. Let’s take a look at some examples.

    • Lookup, is the new magnetic false ceiling made of magnetic panels in painted aluminium which can consequently be attached to metal frames. Thanks to their modularity and finishes – which are compatible with the Caddy system – the ceiling and walls can be seamlessly clad by using them together with the Caddy wall panels.
    • Caddy Corner, the corner panel that can be integrated with the Caddy system to “round off” the angles of any wall.
    • The convertible nature of our furniture is a feature that some of our products have in common:
      1. By adding a small metal shelf, the Mira console table becomes a desk. Alternatively, if you add an oval mirror, it becomes a dressing table. 
      2. If you add a backrest – that can be easily slotted into the metal structure – the Halo pouf becomes a comfortable armchair.
      3. The surprising feature of the metal Zea sideboard/cupboard is its magnetic handles that can be positioned wherever you want.
      4. The Sundown pendant lamp takes advantage of the magnetic elements attached to the metal bar to achieve ever-changing aesthetic and light effects.
  • We have expanded our very popular Levia collection to include Levia Kitchen, a ceiling-hung module with or without a LED light, which is ideal when installed above a kitchen island; wall-hung Levia Wall, and Levia Stand, a tall bookcase module with a square base.
  • We have also added plenty of new upholstered furniture: circle-shaped chairs and stools, metal structures and original textiles including particularly stunning bouclé fabrics.
  • We have also extended our range of magnetic and regular rechargeable LED lights.

You can find all our products in the News 2022 section of our website. 

Are you still in the mood for more news?

Write to us, we will be more than happy to share additional original interior decor tips with you!