Furnishing your kitchen has never been this light!

Discover a brand new type of lightness

Once upon a time there was the kitchen.
Just close your eyes to bring back memories of your grandma’s kitchen: a magical place with an unmistakable scent to it where treasures were hidden behind every cabinet door. And maybe even some sweets.
Since then, kitchen furnishing styles have profoundly changed. More and more new solutions and ideas are now aimed at turning this space into a room in which design is focused on beauty and functionality.

The kitchen is still the undisputed heart of the home though: it is here that families and friends meet, chat and spent time together. And, of course, it is here that food is prepared: recipes can be more or less complicated, depending on one’s expertise, but the goal is always to lovingly feed your family and friends.
No doubt about it, the kitchen was and still is the most important room in the home. That’s why it’s so important – and exciting – to furnish it tastefully.

What should be exposed in a kitchen?

One of the first questions people ask before starting to furnish a kitchen is what they should leave in view. The goal is to arrange everything in a tidy and functional way.
It definitely isn’t practical to fill cabinets and doors with all your cooking utensils: so, feel free to arrange accessories and utensils in full view!
This doesn’t mean creating clutter on the worktops though, which would make them difficult to clean.

Our solution is called Magnetika a totally new furnishing method patented by Ronda Design.
It’s a comprehensive system of metal and magnetic elements that can be combined to achieve ever-changing, customisable arrangements.
The idea is to decide where to put the metal surface and then add a vast variety of shelves and magnetic accessories to it depending on your specific needs.
This system offers a potentially endless number of combinations because the magnetic parts can be easily and endlessly moved around. Their magnetism doesn’t wane over time and, thanks to our patented shielding system, magnetic waves escaping into the environment are never a concern.

You can fully customise the position of all your accessories, which will always be in order and functional, favouring a clean and flexible work area.
Magnetika offers you the freedom to organise your kitchen as you prefer while keeping everything you need close at hand, including utensils, spice-racks, kitchen-roll holders, etc.

How to light-heartedly furnish your kitchen

A totally new way of interpreting space in the kitchen has been birthed, a system that is fully in favour of lightness!
Furniture with fronts and doors make way for hybrid solutions featuring open modules that give arrangements a visually light appeal.
A perfect example of this trend is our beautiful Levia Kitchen, a visually-light system with a slim, metal structure and interplaying shelves, lines and horizontal and vertical surfaces that let the light shine through.
Over time, increasingly more advanced options have become available for household appliances. In fact, the space above the kitchen island that used to be taken up by a cooker hood is now free because extractors can now be integrated in worktops. This makes it possible to free the space that used to be dedicated to them and use it for lighter, more original ideas.
Levia Kitchen can be adapted to various ceiling heights by using special lowering bars. The unit can also benefit from a led light on the bottom panel which is useful to illuminate the worktop and adds a very special, theatrical effect to the arrangement.


Would you like more innovative ideas on how to make your kitchen unique and even light?
Write to us, we will be more than happy to share additional original interior decor tips with you!