A structural column in the middle of the room? Here is the solution…

Sometimes it happens… we must design an interior around an architectural element that cannot be eliminated. So the best way to proceed is to use it! This is what Blue Design, our retailer in Milan, has done – they have chosen to enhance the column element by making it functional. Considering the dimensions of the column, it wouldn’t have been … Read More

A metal wall inside bathroom

Parete magnetika bagno

In the bathroom, a room getting more and more relevant in the house and hotel design, we are used to find materials such as stone, ceramics or paint … but we worked with someone who has been able to dare and decontextualize Magnetika by installing it as a back-sink wall.We’re talking about Mobilificio Rossi in Italy, one of our historic … Read More

Not only Magnetika…

… but also tables and chairs! In these pictures, the project of a living inside an elegant villa in Provence, France. The architect Mr Cabinet JP Clement and the decorator Mrs Sylvie Caveriviere need to combine our chairs and our stools to the sober shades of the already present furnitures. A customization possible on our chair collection Asana by Ronda … Read More

Magnetika: how to easily transform the kitchen

As you already know, Magnetika is a collection that allows you to change furniture quickly and easily. Have you ever thought that one of the rooms that most need this versatility is the kitchen? New tools, new habits, new friends to invite! Yes, because kitchen is now part of the living and its design is as important as its functionality. … Read More

Martha and Richard – The finale


We left the storytelling of the #magnetic novel of Martha and Richard when she found the way to meet him… but how did it end? Did they met ? And then what happened ? Who followed the story step by step, knows we gave you all the possibility to write your own finale. Among the ones we received, we finally chose … Read More

By popular demand…

Progetto hotel di Londra

It seems that the hotel project in London has impressed many of you! I’ve received several requests about the meeting room project: in particular many people asked me if we worked also on the reception of the wellness area and if we can share some images of that. No sooner said than done! In summary, once completed the project of … Read More

The metal wall for a boutique hotel in London

Parete metallica

As you may know at Ronda Design we aim at pushing further the boundaries of interior design, experimenting with metals and magnetic elements. Today I would like to show you the preview of an unpublished project we have realized for a boutique hotel in London (one of the cities I love the most). Our customer’s need was to find an … Read More