Would it be a living without chairs and table?

Ronda Design is most known for Magnetika, the unique and exclusive furniture system characterized by magnetic shelves, elements and accessories.But how many of you already know our tables and chairs proposals? Ronda Design during last years has also developed many other collections to complete the design of living room with a contemporary, original and elegant taste featured by the use … Read More

After the last 'Salone', before the next one…

Halfway between a Salone del Mobile and the other, we decided to give new finishes to the collections you discovered during the fair … new metals, new designs, same Ronda Design’s style. Are you looking forward to discover more about them? If you want to receive an exclusive preview of the first pics, please reply to this email. In the … Read More

Our next steps…

Hello everybody! whenever one of our designers knocks on the door of my office, it means that our ideas laboratory is working to create something new, a new product, a new finishing, a new proposal that will join the Ronda Design collections. Let’s share the oncoming news. Most of them concern some brand new finishes: once ready, you’ll receive the … Read More

The first pictures from Salone del Mobile!

Everything is ready: we are giving the last touches right now, and I took some pictures to give you a preview of our brand new stand. Here they are: I guess you will be busy during Salone, but – as you can see – we really have a lot of new products this year… so don’t forget to stop by … Read More

Martha and Richard, the story of a magnetic "crash"

It’s march the 6th when Martha, coming back from Las Vegas where he celebrated his 30th birthday, and Richard, coming back from a business trip to Tokyo, ‘collided’ at lost&found office at Milan Malpensa airport. A flash, a force that cannot be explained attracts them to each other but, recovering a bit of rationality, they realized they don’t know each … Read More

[Preview Salone del Mobile 2017] Caddy – The New Magnetic Shelves


Salone del Mobile is coming! Another new arrival of this year is Caddy, the new collection of shelves of the Magnetika line. Caddy is characterized by its clean and essential shapes, typical of a geometric parallelepiped. This particular shape is well suited to be inserted in any room of a home or an office. Caddy reinterprets the traditional concept of shelf, … Read More

[Salone del Mobile 2017 Preview] Libera 45 Bookcase

Libreria Libera 45

With some difficulty, I managed to “extort” our art direction a picture of the new library Libera 45, which will be presented as a preview at the Salone del Mobile 2017. Libera 45 exploits – for the first time – the Magnetika system by Ronda Design from a new perspective, by joining – magnetically – the vertical elements to the … Read More

Reserve your “Ronda Design Kit” now!

Ronda Design Kit

Since the beginning, Ronda Design stands alongside architects and interior designers, especially those looking for innovative and original interior solutions. Heading to Salone del Mobile 2017, we have prepared a special “Ronda Design Kit” containing: “Now” catalogue, with our latest news “Magnetika Professional” catalogue “Contract” catalogue “Wine bar collection” Special report, with all the Wine bar projects based on Ronda … Read More

A ‘magnetic’ story

Ronda Design Magnetika

As you maybe already understood, we don’t like things that seems too simple and we try to be innovative and original in every area. For this reason, wating for the next Salone del Mobile, we’d like to be able to involve you in a mysterious, fascinating and romantic tale. Martha Irons and Richard Poles are the names of the main … Read More