How to furnish the kitchen

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It is the beating heart of the home.
It is the room where you laugh, eat, chat, swap secrets.
It is the place the welcomes you in the morning, when you’re still bleary-eyed and in need of a strong coffee to wake up.
It is where we have lunch and dinner, alone, with friends or our loved-one.
In short, it is the cornerstone around which our days at home revolve: the kitchen is the room you simply can’t live without.

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Tips on how to furnish the kitchen

In short, the kitchen is the genuine heart of the home. Considering its fundamental importance, it is quite normal to be plagued by doubts when it come to furnishing it.
What is the best solution to achieve an effect that will satisfy us fully both from a styling perspective as well as in terms of everyday practicality?

The ideal solution takes into account the attractive appeal, while also ranking as a priority the need to organise the kitchen in a tidy and functional way. Would-be chefs know this only too well: the kitchen should be attractive, but above all it needs to be well-organised and practical, a place that is easy to move around in and with everything you need within easy reach.

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Magnetika: the ideal solution combining beauty with functionality

The best way to furnish with style, yet without compromising on cleanliness and functionality is to use the innovative Magnetika system.
What is it and how does it work?
Magnetika is an organised system of magnetic metal elements, which are combined to create customisable, ever-changing solutions.
Here at Ronda Design, we have patented this magnetic system which can be incorporated with an extensive range of magnetic shelves and accessories.

This means that there is no be-all and end-all solution: you can change, move and change your mind again any time you feel like it!
Magnetika allows you to organise the space in your kitchen exactly as you want it. The panels can be custom-made, thereby accommodating your specific requirements.
You can choose the most suitable magnetic accessories for your needs and change their layout whenever you want.
The selection of specific magnetic accessories for the kitchen is extensive and above all functional: there are utensil holders, spice racks, kitchen roll dispensers, tablet holders.
Shifting or removing the accessories is really easy; this means that not only can you let your creativity lose, but you can also remove all the accessories from the walls to clean and sanitise your kitchen quickly and impeccably.

An extra tip on furnishing your kitchen? Create your ultra-personal “Wine Bar”, to show off your favourite bottles and create a unique ambiance in your kitchen. You can find some advice on how to put together your special corner here!

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Magnetic backsplashes for all tastes

In addition to practicality and functionality, it is vital that the materials covering magnetic kitchen backsplashes also offer outstanding styling. This way, the design of modern kitchens can stand out more.

The latest news? Now magnetic accessories can be applied to multiple materials, and not just on metal supports. To find out more, read this article containing tips and tricks on how to add a touch of practicality and style to your kitchen using backsplashes covered with various materials.


Want some more ideas on how to furnish the kitchen?
Write to us, we’ll be happy to share some original ideas to make your dream kitchen a reality!