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The Kitchen is the Heart and Soul of your Home

I like this expression, because in just a few words it shows a reality shared by many different cultures.

The importance of the kitchen environment in our daily life is obvious since the moment we start making projects about our house. The kitchen is, in fact, almost always the first thing we think about.
Design and finishes are the most important elements in our kitchens, we can all agree with that, but also practicality and functionality are very important, here more than in any environment of our house.


The space between the kitchen counter top and the cabinets in particular is essential to ensure a good optimization of the spaces. Magnetic accessories are great for such reason, because they meet the need for customisation, order and cleanliness.

At the same time is important that the materials of the coating of the backsplashes are not only practical and functional, but also aesthetically appealing, to fit in modern design kitchens. The big news is that now you can apply magnetic accessories also on other materials and not only on metal backsplashes!


You can take a look at those new entries as well as classics in the section below, to see on what you materials you can now use magnetic accessories.


Pannello Cucina Acciaio

In professional kitchens is a must, but is becoming more and more common also in non-professional ones. Highest levels of hygiene, corrosion-resistant and great overall aesthetic, its apparent coldness can be toned down by the choice of warmer finishes.


Painted metal

The painting lets you play with different colours, in combination with the surroundings.


Pannello Cucina Ceramica

Elegant, functional, easy to clean and more resistant than actual marble. The last tendencies  from the Salone del Mobile 2018 have established the comeback of this material, in new and refined versions.


Pannello Cucina Fenix

Soft at touch, highly hygienic, stainless. Thanks to nanotechnologies it can be easily restored in case it gets scratched. Fenix is a highly innovative product, created for interior design and perfect for the house environment with a  more intense use such as kitchen.

Stained glass

Pannello Cucina Vetro

Smooth and reflecting surface, ecological, unalterable and resitant to heat, humidity and stains. These characteristics make glass an ideal material for the kitchen, especially in smaller environment, where it brings a better lighting.

Backlit glass

Pannello Cucina Vetro illuminato

Same qualities as glass but with the beauty of a panel  backlit evenly, for a really scenic kitchen.