Back in action!

After the Salone del Mobile we’ve been almost as busy as during the Salone itself!

If you visited us in Milan, you have already seen the breaking news we displayed in our booth; but if you had no time to come, I’ve prepared a short video with some highlights from our stand.

In particular, in the video below I explain the features of our new Caddy metal wall and Jazz entrance hall.

Caddy is the new magnetic system of the Magnetika line, suitable for different home or work environments, and completed by the new “Cart” and “Swing” magnetic shelves.

Cart is a collection of shelves featuring a light and elegant design, that does not burden the wall and can bear up to 10 kg.

The Swing shelves – instead – are magnetic metal boxes, with a maximum load capacity of 10 kg.

Jazz is the evolution of the Magnetika collection, designed to renovate the look of the entrance hall, that is usually a difficult space to set up.

Thanks to the elegant metal panels with 45 degrees cut edges – gently shifting light to create an unprecedented optical effect – Jazz creates a strong scenic effect, emphasized by the led backlighting.

Furthermore, the entrance hall is enriched by magnetic mirrors, that can be freely applied on the metal surface, and by a set of magnetic accessories allowing you to customize the composition.

That’s all, enjoy the video!

For further information about Jazz, Caddy and the other Ronda Design’s products, please write me to I will contact you and give you all the details you might require about our collection.