Only for (design) Sommeliers

Wine-Bar accessorio

“Wine prepares hearts and makes them ready for passion,” Ovidio said.

Regardless of their content, bottles of wine or liqueur – especially if they are precious – have a unique charm and evocative power.

It’s really a shame to hide them in a cellar, perhaps for space reasons.

This consideration, coupled with our passion for design (and for good wine), has led us to conceive the Magnetika Wine Bar collection: a decorative solution that can highlight bottles more than any other.

Designed to exploit the surfaces intelligently, the Magnetika Wine Bar allows you to play with its various elements to create innovative and original compositions: thanks to magnetism, the accessories can be repositioned as needed without the need for traditional fixing systems.

Thanks to this peculiarity, the creative potential of the Wine Bar accessories is endless: it’s enough to use a little bit of fantasy to create a very original design wall both in residential and commercial contexts.

Finally, if you love the industrial style, Magnetika Wine Bar is just right for you: the natural iron panels match perfectly with the finishes of the accessories, available in different colors: take a look at this video for all the details:

In this short video I have not been able to show you all the accessories belonging to the collection.
To see them, download the “Wine Bar” catalog free of charge at this link