Lighted and… magnetic walls

Light is a  proper furnishing element, even if it is often the last thing you think of when you design your home. If you think about your project as a whole, though, furniture and lighting could integrate and enhance each other, creating truly original solutions.
Lighted walls are an interesting yet original solution of furnishing, and they allow you to solve two problems in one: the completion of the wall on one side and the need to illuminate on the other.

The examples shown below are really scenographic and have a great aestethic impact

Lighted wall in the living room

Adding some protruding modules to the metal wall integrated with led strips on the upper and lower side, you get a lighted wall which blends its decorative side with the functionality of the magnetic elements.

The final result is an out of the box composition, that plays with different depths and the lighting elements to give movement and three-dimensionality.

… and in other home environments

The lighted wall system fits in perfectly in every home environment (and not only that!): from the kitchen to the living room, from the entrance hall to the bedroom. Not only it let you  decorate with great personality your house, the magnetic solution also allows you to fully exploit the functionality of the wall. On the  metal panels you can apply magnetic shelves and accessories, giving you the opportunity to create custom solutions for every need.

To each his own.