Ideas for furnishing your TV wall

Help: ideas needed! How can I furnish my TV wall?

Furnishing your living area is always a delicate, yet essential, process. It is a very important room, which in fact affects the vibe of the entire house. The TV wall takes centre stage: this is why it must be furnished lovingly, according to your personal style and preferences.
If you are looking for elegant, functional, and not-too-conventional ideas for furnishing your TV wall, you’ve come to the right place!
We can recommend innovative solutions that will surprise you and, especially, help create the perfect layout for you.

The living room: a place to relax

There is nothing better than getting home after a hard day’s work and relaxing in the living room. It’s the place where you are free from commitments and concerns, and can put aside your long to-do-list – at least for the time being.
Over the course of the decades, this room has changed together with the everyday habits of its occupants. Once upon a time, a living room without a fireplace would simply have been unthinkable; these days, it’s almost impossible to conceive a living room without a TV. This electronic appliance has become part of our day-to-day lives, so much so that we now design a whole wall-space around it.
And this is where the dilemma begins: what do I want this wall to look like? What alternatives do I have, in addition to traditional furniture that holds the TV up? In other words, what are the best ideas to furnish the TV wall?

Bringing your TV wall to life

One solution is to make the TV “invisible”. How? You can hide it behind a sliding panel, behind a cabinet or turn it into a mirror: this way, you’ll only be able to recognise that it’s a TV when it’s on.
Even if you don’t want to conceal it, the key thing is to not make the TV stand out too much. It needs to blend in with the furnishings, striking the perfect balance.


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Caddy magnetic wall: a simple idea to furnish in style

A simple and impactful idea to furnish your TV wall is to create a magnetic wall like this. The “wow” effect is guaranteed!
It is a system of modular metal panels which you can combine with a series of magnetic shelves.
That’s right – magnetic! This means that they can be positioned and repositioned to your heart’s content. You do not run the risk of getting fed up with them, because all you need to do to make a change – whether big or small – is move the elements around. No more endless builders’ work, no more dust, no more drilling holes in the walls: just the pleasure of furnishing and the freedom of changing your mind as often as you like. Apply shelves and accessories, create unique and intriguing shapes: in other words, let your imagination and creativity run riot, creating new compositions to design your TV wall just the way you like it.


Bench: an elegant and impactful mobile TV holder

Another winning idea which can really revolutionise your TV wall is the Bench TV cabinet, which boasts two major strengths. The first lies in its design: simple yet striking silhouettes which make this piece of furniture the ideal solution for a stylish, understated type of interior décor. The second strength is not immediately noticeable. The back panel of this item of furniture is a metal panel covered in wood; you can apply shelves and magnetic accessories as you please. The TV can be placed on the shelf or directly attached to the back thanks to the magnetic TV-holder accessory.

What makes it even better? Bench is multi-functional. If you like, you can also use it as a desk or perhaps as a breakfast counter or a space for appetizers in the kitchen. All you have to do is set it to the desired height.


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