Preview Salone del Mobile 2016

Sistema Magnetika

Link, unprecedented shelves for your wall system Exclusively for the subscribers of our mailing list, here is the preview of the new LINK collection, evolution of the Ronda Design magnetic shelving system. A new stylistic level for magnetism applied to the interior design world. Innovative materials, original shapes, LED lighting and, above all, an unusual application of stainless steel and … Read More

The “bee” of magnetism


What has a bee to do with magnetism? But above all, what has this to do with Ronda Design? Just a moment and you’ll find out. The history of Ronda Design begins with Ronda – not the Spanish city – but Ronda Spa, an Italian company based in Vicenza, with more than 45 years of experience in steel processing. Like … Read More

Welcome to the Ronda Design Blog

Benvenuti nel blog di Ronda Design

A new place to talk about design, ideas and, of course, magnetism and metals: this is the purpose of the Ronda Design blog, which from today on will back up our website. The blog will host articles closely related to the Ronda Design world, regarding our new products and participation to events, as well as posts related to the wider world of … Read More