To each room its own table

The choice of the table for the dining room is always a delicate moment when furnishing a home. Along with the more “permanent” and essential furnishings such as kitchen and bathroom the table is one of the most important elements as a piece of furniture, for its functionality and its central role in the moment of conviviality.

Nowadays the offer of tables is so endless that is easy to be confused about it. One of the first criteria to keep in mind to choose the right table, besides the aesthetic preferences, is its form in relation to the space that will have to occupy.


Perhaps this is the most used and versatile form, it fits well to rooms of any size. Elegant and slender, it is available in a wide range of sizes. It is also available in extendable version, to accommodate extra guests.


The round table allows a fluid access to the seats, that’s why it is also suitable for very small rooms. The shape creates a more intimate atmosphere, enhances the conviviality and sharing of meals. For this reason it is very popular in some cultures, such as the oriental ones. It is easy to add an extra seat if necessary thanks to the lacking of edges and it is safer if you have children. Do you want to know how many seats a table can have? Here is a simple formula: diameter in cm X 3.14 / 60.

The square table has several points in common with the round one. With its shape actually it gives importance to the dining room and is suitable for large and regular environments. It promotes the conversation since all the tablemates can look at each other. In addition its shape is more spacious and facilitates the support of multiple objects to have everything at fingertips without disorder. Some models are also available in the extendable version to have the advantage of versatility.


Quasimodo tavoli ambientati

Oval, slightly hexagonal, irregular … these less conventional shapes contribute giving a very decisive connotation of the space. This does not mean that they are difficult to manage. This kind of table is more refined than the rectangle one, but it must have a considerable size to be enhanced. Moreover, it has to be placed in a large environment.

What about your shape?