Ronda Design inside Uncommon spaces in London

Uncommon is a project that I really like to talk you about: maybe because it is in London, a city that I always carry in my heart, or because it underlines Magnetika’s ability to transform and to match the needs of those who use it from time to time… or maybe simply because it’s gorgeousl! Uncommon is a co-working space designed for all those who need a workstation in the city. Its distinctive element is its focus on creating a stimulating and productive environment by mixing design, ergonomics, energy and even sounds and fragrances. The Highsbury location, designed by designer Tania Adir, has chosen many Magnetika elements to be versatile and to be able to adapt to the needs of constantly changing users.

Some of Magnetika elements have been customized with specific colors and lacquers. Ronda Design always does its best to ensure that every project is exactly as it was conceived by its creator and we are able to offer a high level of customization on many of our products.

Look at the photos below and discover Uncommon directly on their site, on their Facebook page or on Twitter.