Ronda Design in Beirut for Project Lebanon

Ronda Design Project Lebanon

One of the things I most like about my job is the fact that design is a universal language that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries.

This is why I find it important to compare our products to the trends on expanding markets: from every single event, you can learn important lessons and, more importantly, collect new ideas.

As I am writing to you, Ronda Design products are being showcased in Beirut at the "Project Lebanon" event. If you already know this event or have already heard of it, you are probably wondering what Ronda Design has to do with a construction materials fair.

As a matter of fact, Project Lebanon is known for being the #1 event for construction materials, but this year it has expanded its reach and now also focuses on design furnishings.

This is why Ronda Design has taken part in the event as a guest of Cobrux at the Margraf Stand, a leader in the field of marble coverings in the construction industry.

This event is not a one-off: soon Ronda Design products will be present in Lebanon alongside our partner Cherfan Design. If you happen to be passing through, come by and say hello!

Sara Appoloni
Ronda Design