Iron-ic, a personal 'variation' of a Ronda Design's masterpiece

Many of you already know Iron-ic, the metal bookcase that, with its sinuous features, has become one the icons of Ronda Design’s brand.

Well, today I’m talking again about it because, thanks to our partner in Turin, Gallo snc, I want to underline an aspect of Iron-ic that hasn’t been fully explored yet: its versatility and its ability to transform according to the taste of its final owner.

In the below, you see an Iron-ic installation inside a kitchen, an element of the living area that’s becoming more and more important. To give depth to the room, the designers of Gallo decided to characterize the entire background wall with a dark color so they decided to surround Iron-ic with same metal panels intended to host Magnetika shelves and elements.

This solution gives a unique look to the composition because Iron-ic becomes partially embossed, emerging only with the softness of its curved edges and creating a game of different thicknesses and depths that gives movement to the black monolith of the background wall.