How to set up a contemporary bedroom

Bedroom is the place of relax and intimacy. Making it cozy and regenerating requires the same attention we dedicate to the more public home environments.

Nowadays, metal furniture is quite common for living rooms and kitchens so why don’t we attempt to use it in our bedrooms?

Its “cold” appearance could look better elsewhere but the new metal finishes with their bright and warm shades make it perfect also for bedrooms.


Using metal on the headboard allows you to obtain an original wall covering as well as a functional advantage: on the metal wall from Materika collection you can apply all the magnetic accessories and also magnetic upholstered cushions. The final result is really refined and unusual.


A good light settlement can give a special touch to any environment.

The best solution for the bedroom is to have punctual lighting instead of diffuse lighting. For instance, you could use a magnetic lamp like Lapilla on the metal panel.

The advantage is that your punctual light can be moved following your needs and creating different configurations at any time.

The metal panel also allows you to play with light and volumes, making the headboard surface original.

With Caddy system you can add modules with light and apply magnetic shelves to create your own wall.


A punctual lighting can be obtained also by using  pendant lamps beside the bed. Brassie has a clean and minimal design and characterizes the environment with strong personality and discretion at the same time.