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Trying new combinations, shapes, and pairings never gets old. It’s always the right time to be blown away by an original suggestion that breathes fresh air into your home. But how to choose the right pieces for our big and small home transformations? 
Good taste is essential, of course, but so is being clued up on the most recent trends.

The latest trends in elegant, contemporary interior design

If we wish to give shape to elegant, contemporary design, we need to know what’s trending in this industry.
This article is perfect for keeping updated on the latest trends and gaining some practical ideas on how to furnish with style.

The first thing you need to know is that the main trend in recent years is certainly rounded lines. In terms of style, the prevalent theme right now is the semi-circle, which was an obsession in the 60s. Essential shapes are en vogue: they are simple, subtle and pure.
In Ronda Design‘s case, the interesting feature is that the curved line is combined and balanced with the innate rigidity of metal our trademark element.


Rounded lines: some winning ideas

Do you want to see some examples of the latest elegant, contemporary furnishing trends up close? Here you’ll find a host of interior design items which have been trending lately.


Let’s start with our Madia Bikram, a sectional sideboard made of metal and wood, which features the trademark rounded shape of the collection. The possible solutions combine different Bikram modules and make it particularly flexible and suitable to different furnishing contexts − from classic sideboard unit in the living room to piece of furniture dividing spaces in the entrance.

The same curved line trend is visible in our magnetic metal shelves, rounded on their shorter sides.


Even our lamps showcase the rounded feature; for example, there’s our beloved Lift, a LED suspension lamp which features a bright, adjustable circular plate and a refined, essential design. 

Let Ark’s sinuous lines enchant you; this set of wall mirrors with refined shapes is available in different sectional measures. Ark features an arch design which offers a touch of everlasting elegance to the set.


For unforgettable lunches and dinners, we recommend Slice, a dining table with an essential, yet elegant and exclusive line. The metal base is extremely thin and features an alternation of curves and straight lines; this design gives the table great solidity and rigour.

And for the green corners? When it comes to flower pots, there’s Wink, a collection of flower pots designed for indoor spaces in lacquered metal, available in a square or rounded shape.‎


What do you say − shall we get to know each other?

We have some great news!

You can see all the furnishing items mentioned in this article with your very own eyes if you come to Milan’s Fuori Salone in September. We’ll be here to welcome you to our Molino 48 sales point (Viale Molino delle Armi 48); we’ll be happy to show you our creations and more importantly to share ideas, suggestions and new insights.

As you wait to see us in person, why not get in touch with us? At Ronda Design, we’re always open and happy to establish new relationships with professionals from the world of furnishing. Architects, designers, interior designers… what we most like is following − and satisfying in the best possible way− their need for customisation.

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