How to furnish your bathroom: Practical and eye-catching design tips

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Special attention is required when furnishing a room as important as the bathroom.  In fact, in a home, the crucial role of the bathroom is equal only to that of the kitchen. It is also a room that changes very quickly because it adapts to needs and fashions that vary from year to year.

There is also another aspect that must be taken into consideration: more than in any other room, in the bathroom it really is important to combine aesthetics with functionality.
The goal to obtain a positive impact using the latest design features cannot ignore the need for practicality.
Each piece of furniture must be beautiful from an aesthetic viewpoint while fitting in harmoniously with its surroundings and being able to fulfil daily personal hygiene requirements. That’s why all the furniture and accessories must be carefully arranged so that they are easy to use.
Some examples? Doors must open without any obstacles near them, essential objects must be effortless to reach and total access to sanitary ware must be ensured.

In short, tastefully furnishing a bathroom is a demanding task, but not an impossible one, if you have the right tools! We would like to give you a helping hand: you will find lots of practical and beautiful solutions to furnish your bathroom in this article.

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Magnetika, the flexible furnishing system

A completely innovative option to furnish the bathroom with a modern design is the Magnetika furnishing system.
Magnetika offers you the unique opportunity to create furnishing systems that can be customised in every detail. How can that be? It’s a well thought-out system of metal and magnetic elements that can be combined to achieve ever-changing, customisable arrangements. In other words, you can move various parts to different positions a limitless amount of times to suit the whim of the moment or your own specific requirements.

Bathroom furnishing ideas

For us, furnishing the bathroom always means satisfying both functional and aesthetic requirements.

In fact, in any home, the bathroom is a particularly important place where it is essential to pair the need to keep all necessities close at hand with the wish to benefit from the elegance of prized wall coverings and modern furniture. Thanks to the Magnetika system, when you change your mind about the position of your accessories you can just move them to another place: no damage, no additional costs, no waste of time. In the bathroom, metal wall panels let you play with panels of various materials: metal, lacquered, ceramic, mirror. This allows you to obtain surfaces with interesting textures and volumes that are original and make an impact.

Our Caddy magnetic wall panels are the ideal way to make room for your imagination while benefiting from style and practicality. They consist in a system of modular, metal panels that can be combined with moveable, magnetic shelves. One of Caddy’s distinctive features is the irregular arrangement of the panels which can be customised in total freedom, decorating walls with unique and intriguing geometries. These wall panels can be further customised at any time by
The latter – Caddy Warm App – are an elegant way to heat the bathroom since they provide a stylish alternative to traditional towel warmers.

Modern design for bathroom furniture is expressed at its best through the right accessories.
The Bain collection offers a detailed selection of metal accessories entirely dedicated to the bathroom. They are all available with powerful magnets so that they can be used on faced, metal panels. They are all modular accessories: basic towel rails can, for instance, be freely combined with metal shelves and ceramic accessories for a fully-customised result. The fact that these bathroom furnishing elements can be moved to satisfy your needs is what makes the room really functional.

Moreover, modern design elements for the bathroom such as special shelves with towel rails, soap holders or towel hooks let you keep everything close at hand in a practical and elegant way.

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