Bar furniture, now available for your home too!

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We should all have the chance to enjoy moments of pure relaxation now and again, better still if we don’t have to go far to do so. Sometimes it’s sufficient to just sit comfortably and enjoy a good glass of wine to forget everyday concerns for a while.
The atmosphere has to be right though.
And, if you are in a place where every detail has been planned using impressive designer furniture, it will be even easier to relax.

On the other hand, sometimes it’s preferable to reward yourself with some peace and quiet in your own home and – in this case too – the atmosphere is all-important.
What do you need to create the right one? The right furniture, of course!

In other words, who said bar furniture can only be used in public places?
We at Ronda Design do not agree in the slightest; we would like to give you some truly original tips to completely change the whole appearance of a room using just a few pieces of furniture.
You will find exactly what you need no matter whether you want to furnish a restaurant, a bar or your own home. And that’s a promise!

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Wine Bar, what a passion

In recent years, the most popular bar furnishing style has profoundly changed.
Public places focus their attention increasingly more on the bar’s ability to give a warm welcome and create an atmosphere. Specialised, refined places such as Wine Bars or others where you can enjoy Slow Food are becoming more and more widespread. These spaces offer special experiences and must therefore be furnished accordingly and with style.

One of the favourite collections of the Magnetika line is our Wine Bar Collection. But let’s take one step back before starting to describe it in detail: what is Magnetika exactly? Magnetika is a well-constructed system made up of magnetic metallic elements which, when combined, can create customised solutions that can be continuously modified. This magnetic system is patented by Ronda Design and is basically composed of a metal surface, i.e. wall panelling, and of an extensive variety of shelves and magnetic accessories. This means that you are perfectly free to change the arrangement of your furniture, whenever and however you want, continuously making over the atmosphere and the environment.

The same concept can be applied to the Wine Bar Collection which can be used to stylishly furnish bars, restaurants and public places and even kitchens and specific areas of the home. The strength of this collection is its contemporary design combined with the great practicality of the magnetic accessories which, together, make it highly adaptable to any requirement. This collection of bar furniture includes a wide selection of bottle holders, stemware racks and shelves; all these elements can be positioned and moved around at will to create customised and ever-changing configurations. For as much as regards the finishes, the panels are available in natural, white, black, graphite, titanium, copper, brass, bronze, pewter and browned copper iron. On the other hand, the wood is in natural, white or charcoal oak.

The industrial style (which can be created using sheets of natural iron and oak, for instance) is very popular, as is a more refined setting that is achieved using finishes such as bronze and pewter. Would you like another small tip? One of the favourite features of natural iron is that it can serve as a blackboard; in fact, you can write on it with special, liquid chalk pens, to highlight the names and characteristics of specific bottles of wine for instance.

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Renewing bar furniture

The ability to frequently renew the look of your home or of a public place is generally much appreciated. Our magnetic system is perfect to achieve this goal: you can even change the arrangement of shelves and accessories every day if you like! This feature is useful even if you want to highlight some seasonal products and it is very practical and functional for window dressing.

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Some extra tips

But that’s not all: the bar furnishing world is just waiting to be explored and has many surprises in store. In addition to all the shelves and accessories you can use to make your wall Wine Bar unique, there are many other ideas to consider. For public places sound-absorbing panels – such as the Paddle magnetic acoustic panels – are very interesting. They are available in various shapes and colours and can be applied to the metal wall panel as required, even following the position of the tables that may vary daily. Then again, you can play with the very eye-catching mirrored panels behind the bar, to which you can apply luminous magnetic shelves with a high load-bearing capacity. For as much as regards lighting, a collection of rechargeable table and wall lamps are available that stand out for their high technical performances and refined design features.

Don’t know what to choose?
Don’t worry; we would be happy to help you create the Wine Bar corner of your dreams with lots of ideas and practical tips. Contact us!