Dining table

Ki table

The concept of the Ki dining table draws its inspiration from light weight and elemental appeal. The right balance between form and function distinguished by just a handful of bold lines that convey sturdiness and strength to the painted metal base.
The metal base is available in all Ronda Design finishes. The top, available in the rectangular or slightly hexagonal version, offers a wide range of materials and finishes (ceramic, glass, metal, wood) ensuring the possibility of a strong customization.

Design: Studio 28


Ki Rectangular: L180 P90 H75cm | L200 P100 H75cm | L240 P110 H75cm | L280 P120 H75cm

Ki Hexagonal: L240 P115 H75cm


Metal base: Stippled White, Stippled Black, Stippled Graphite, Stippled Titanium, Stippled Green, Stippled Light Blue, Stippled Taupe, Matt Copper, Matt Brass, Pewter, Bronze, Aged Copper
Ceramic top: Calacatta White, Statuary, Marquina Black, Étoile crema, Thundernight
Painted glass top: Black, White
Wooden top: American Walnut, Natural Oak, Smoked Oak, Black Ash
Metal top: Pewter, Bronze, Aged copper

Dining table

Ki table



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