PADDLE is a coloured panel made of highly absorbent material that attaches to the metal surface thanks to a series of magnets applied to the back. It is available in eight standard mélange fabric finishes, with a removable and washable cover. The shapes provided are hexagonal, trapezoidal or with the characteristic arch shape very much in vogue this year. Like all magnetic accessories from Ronda Design, the Paddle panels can be placed freely on the metal surface on the wall and can be moved as often as desired.
The magnets installed in the Paddle panels only work on iron walls and not on wood, mirror or ceramic-covered paneling.
The sound-absorbing material is a 4 cm thick mat made of polyester fibres derived from fully recyclable PET plastics. So it is interesting that in addition to improving the acoustic well-being of the room, Ronda Design’s sound-absorbing products are also environmentally friendly.

Design: Studio 28


L69,5 H61 D4 cm
L50 H120 D4 cm
L100 H68,4/21 D4 cm
L100 H58/31,4 D4 cm


Fabrics: Beige, Chocolate, Grey, Light blue, Olive, Octane, Pink, Yellow




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