Caddy Wardrobe

Caddy Wardrobe is a functional magnetic walk-in wardrobe by Ronda Design, a smart and attractive solution that offers extremely customised modularity according to every individual’s tastes and requirements, with an efficiency that has been enhanced by the constant possibility of expanding, repositioning and modifying the accessories and their layout.

The result of the design progress made by project Caddy, the modular system of metal wall paneling clad with various materials and magnetic options that can be combined as you see fit, Caddy Wardrobe stands out for its simple yet striking geometries and a highly textured allure.

Introduced as a system of modular wall panels clad in a wide range of available materials and finishes, combined with a series of structural elements such as wall-mounted and sit-on drawer units, shoe cabinets, clothes racks and shelves with an optional LED panel built into the underside for lighting. The system is further embellished with magnetic accessories, which can be positioned freely and stay in place by sheer magnetic force.

The extensive choice of materials (metal, ceramics, wood and mirror) and finishes, the freedom of composition and the high-end design that distinguish the Caddy Wardrobe give rise to a sophisticated accessorized environment devised to optimize an important space in our everyday lives, with purpose-designed equipment to keep everything neat and tidy.

Design: Gino Carollo


Powder-coated and liquid-coated metal as per sample finishes (P1 – P2 – B)

Veneered wood as per sample finishes (I)
Ceramics as per sample finishes (C)


Caddy Wardrobe



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