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Coffee Tables

Axis coffee tables

Axis is the new collection of coffee tables available in different shapes and sizes, which can also be used in groups for a refined overall composition. Elegant, eclectic and functional, the tables of the Axis collection are suitable for different environments: home, office and contract.
Rigorous and clean lines, harmoniously designed by a metal frame that supports the surfaces arranged on two levels. A dichotomous combination of materials, where the metal of the structure and lower top is combined with the broad variety of finishes available for the upper floor: ceramic, wood, glass or even metal.

Design: Gino Carollo


L30 P30 H46cm
L60 P30 H46cm
L120 P30 H36cm
L90 P90 H36cm
L120 P60 H36cm


Metal structure: Powder-coated and liquid-coated metal as per sample finishes (P1 – P2 – B)
Ceramic top: Ceramics as per samples finishes (C)
Veneered top: Veneered wood as per sample finishes (I)
Back-lacquered glass top: Black, White

Coffee Tables

Axis coffee tables



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