Panta Rei

Panta Rei is an extending indoor table with a painted metal structure and table tops available in several elegant finishes.
The diamond-shape legs do not remain stationary but instead smoothly follow the extending table top, making room for the additional chairs to fit practically and conveniently underneath without the base getting in the way.

Design: Studio 28

Measures: Fixed: L 200 P 100 H 75 cm. Extending: L 180/240 P 100 H 75 cm.


Base: white, black, graphite, titanium, matt copper, matt brass.
Glass table top: black glass, white glass.
Wooden table top: Natural oak, American walnut, Smoked oak, Black ash.
Ceramic table top: Calacatta white, Statuary, Marquinia black, White slate, Ecru slate, Grey slate.


Panta Rei



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