Sistema giorno

Caddy Light

Magnetic wall system, highly customizable in size and composition.
The metal paneling system can be freely combined to create geometric designs on the wall, with protruding panels led lighted on the inferior and superior edges.
The magnetic shelves, made of painted metal, can be freely positioned on the wall panels to create aesthetically and functionally evolving compositions.
The shelves of the Cart line are parallelepipeds of different dimensions, outlined by a thin iron rod and therefore characterized by an innate aesthetic lightness.
The shelves of the line Swing are solid parallelepipeds that balance with their volume the lightness of the Cart shelves. They can be used as ordinary shelves, but also as a practical flower pot to create green compositions onto the wall.

Design: Studio 28


Powder coated metal: White, Black, Graphite, Embossed Copper, Titanium, Embossed Brass

Liquid coated metal: Pewter, Bronze, Aged Copper

Sistema giorno

Caddy Light



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